All players have the right to a single wilderness protection to protect a personal build. This region is to be named the same as the player, and must prioritize protecting their build, rather than the land it sits upon. Wilderness Protections may have additional owners and members added for the purpose of build permissions (Among friends, helpers, et cetera) but flags may not be enabled under any circumstances.

Should a player require more regions than allotted by the Wilderness Protection, he or she may purchase from the staff a Paid Region for the sum of $2,500 in-game currency. Like Wilderness Protections, Paid Regions may have additional members or owners, but gain the ability to apply a limited number of WorldGuard’s flags as well. The prices of these flags are outlined below, and may be denied at the staff’s discretion.

Sub-regions may be created within existing Paid Regions at a reduced cost of $500, however the cost of adding flags to sub-regions remains the same. These are used to more finely control who may access what within a region or town.

Purchasable Flags:


Vine Growth$250
deny-spawn$250 per mob type blocked

Additionally, /warps may be purchased for paid regions at the price of $2,500



Player A would like to place a region on his budding town, and already has a wilderness protection created. He would like to deny the spawning of creepers, zombies, and skeletons in his town, and create three sub-regions for future residents.

Cost of Player A’s town:

Initial region fee: $2500
Mob denial flag: $750
Sub-regions: $1500

Total: $4750