Quick Start Guide

Hail Adventurer! We know that starting your journey in RoleplayCraft can be a little overwhelming, but never fear! This guide, alongside our in-game tutorials, will help make sure that you start off on the right foot!

Welcome to Larkan!

The village of Larkan serves as the main spawn-point for the server and is where your story begins. When you first join the server, or use “/spawn”, you will find yourself in the spawn courtyard with directional signs to the various features of Larkan.

Info Board

We recommend you swing by the Info Board since it provides helpful information about the server by answering some frequently asked questions that our players have had. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff in-game, through our forum, or through our Discord!

World Portals

You may have noticed that you can not build in the village limits of Larkan since it is protected. We know that it may take a few minutes of running before you enter the wilderness, so we have included a few portals to help you save time! Located directly north of the spawn courtyard, you will find three portals for the Wilderness, Creative World, and Warlands.

The Wilderness portal will randomly teleport you to one of several predefined waypoints across the land of Wyrr, helping you to find somewhere to build faster.

The Creative World portal will teleport you to our creative world, allowing you to try out new designs and plan your build before you break ground in the main world.

The Warlands portal is not currently open, however, once released, it will provide access to a resource-rich land with PvP enabled.


Many an adventurer has left the safety of Larkan only to find danger lurking in the dark. The Green Thumb’s Apothecary & Botanicals, which is located in the northern section of the village, stands ready to help. Please feel free to visit if you are ever in need of herbs and potion brewing supplies!


A wise elder once said, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy, but failing to plan is planning to fail.” Luckily, Larkan is home to a knowledgeable and trusted blacksmith, The Peasant’s Revolt. Take heed! If you ever find yourself in need of protection, this trusted blacksmith will have your back!

Brewer’s Guild

Many an epic tale has begun on a dark and stormy night at a tavern bar, but taverns are naught without drink! Larkan is proud to call itself the home of the Burly Bearded Brewer’s Aleworks and Fermentary. These master brewsmiths deliver only the finest ales, liquors, and stouts to grace the lips of the adventurous. For some friendly conversation, and perhaps a bit of coin, adventurers may receive the finest fruits of this ancient art.


When the night is dark and without moon, fear can creep into even the bravest heart. Still your soul, and worry not – the Church of the Squid is a beacon of light in these dark times. Should you ever find yourself in need of a blessing, then these priests will gladly offer their services. Offerings being optional, of course!

Community Garden

Adventuring is hard work and can really build up an appetite, but what is a poor adventurer to do? Luckily, Larkan’s Primrose Community Garden can offer you many different vegetables and grains to help! Please just remember to replant what you take!

Guilds’ Hall

The Guilds’ Hall is an embassy for the various guilds that exist in the lands of Wyrr. While there aren’t any guilds that have been created yet, that just means one thing: We’re waiting on you to start the party! Once guilds have been founded and are seeking new members, they may use the Guilds’ Hall to advertise and recruit new members.


Should you ever find yourself wanting for information, the Larkan Public Library is a great place to start! It may not be the richest trove of knowledge, but its shelves contain secrets for those with an eye for detail and a hunger for discovery.

Lumber Mill

Lumber is the wooden cornerstone for building! While the lands of Wyrr are home to a diverse flora, the conservative adventurer may see the sense of leaving the forests intact. The Hollow Log lumber mill in Larkan is willing to offer sustainably-sourced wood and other renewable resources for the eco-minded!

Market Quarter

The clink of gold, the smell of food, and the vibrant colors of wool! Larkan’s Market Quarter is home to many adventurer-owned shops and the Larkan General Store. Be sure to visit often to turn the spoils of adventure into well deserved trinkets and treats! Remember, discoveries can be made in even the most common of places!


Even the most worldly adventurer knows that the thrill of exploration eventually gives rise to a call for home. If you even find yourself in need of a place to call home, follow your heart to Larkan’s public park. Advertisements for towns await you!

Post Office

Interested in importing rare goods or shipping materials to far-flung towns? The Courier’s Mark is your one-stop shop for all things pulled by wagon!


The birthplace of role-play, cold drinks, and warm meals. The beginning and end of epic quests, legendary tales, and grand boasts. The Haggard Swordsman tavern may speak for itself, but its patrons definitely do.

Town Hall

The Larkan Town Hall serves as the local seat of power for the Larkan Village Council. A map of the village, historical records, and the local court are all found here. Adventurers may swing by at any time to see Sharon’s smiling greeting.

What’s a Plugin?

Plugins are similar to mods for Minecraft, but they are for servers instead of clients. Plugins can be used to improve the multiplayer experience and don’t require you to download anything special. You can learn about mods important to you here!


Brewery is a plugin that adds an alternate brewing process and includes alcoholic beverages. The recipes for these beverages are closely guarded secrets, but good cheer always rings out in their presence. Additional information may be found here.

Chest Shop

Chest Shop is a plugin that allows you to transform chests into unattended shops. This allows you to buy and sell to other players, both online and offline! Additional information may be found here.

Dice Roll

Dice Roll is a custom plugin designed to enhance your role-plays by allowing you to roll a d2 to d100. You may try it yourself with “/roll X”, just replace X with a number between 2 and 100!

Discord MC

Did you notice that the server chat is being sent to Discord, and Discord chat is sent to the server chat? This plugin is the reason why! If you ever find yourself role-playing and don’t want your chat sent out, you may use “/discord toggle”. Make sure you don’t forget to toggle it back!

Editable Signs

Editable Signs is a plugin that allows you to edit your signs without breaking them! Simply use “/editsign” and then you can SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK any sign that you own to edit it!


Essentials is a plugin that does far too many things to list! You may use it to set multiple homes, pay other players, fly, and so much more. For additional information, please use “/help essentials” in-game!

Food Stuff Extended

Food Stuff Extended is a custom plugin designed to improve the way we eat! Can you discover all of the secret cooking recipes? Additional information may be found here.

Hero Chat

Hero Chat is a plugin that provides different chat channels in-game. Currently, there are 3 channels: Global (unlimited distance), Role-Play (300 block radius, and Local (300 block radius). You may switch channels using “/ch X”, replacing X with G, RP, or L. You may also join or leave channels using “/ch join X” and “/ch leave X”.


Coming soon!

LWC Chest Protection

LWC is a plugin that automatically protects any chests, furnaces, and signs that you place. By default, these signs are locked only to you, however you can add additional users with “/cmodify PlayerName”. You can also lock doors using “/cprivate”, remove locks using “/cremove”, and set public locks with “/cpublic”. You may also find it useful to turn on other features, also known as flags, by using


Races and Classes