Code of Conduct


General Conduct (Applies to all areas of RPC)

  • An admin’s word is final and decisive
    • Unless overridden by the owner, FaintingHope
  • Be respectful to all players and staff
    • Don’t be mean to one another.
    • Do not invade another player’s privacy. (In-game or beyond)
  • Do not grief
    • Do not modify other player’s builds or otherwise attempt to ruin their gaming experience without specific permission.
  • Keep it clean
    • Avoid excessive swearing, sexual references and other adult content.
  • No soliciting
    • Don’t use our service to advertise your service or group.
  • No inappropriate or malicious links
    • Do not direct players to malicious or pornographic websites or software.
  • Do not spam
    • SpamⓇ is delicious, but spam is not welcome.
  • Do not use hacked clients or any cheating system
    • Any tools that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed, including auto-fishers, x-ray, and auto-attackers.
  • Automatic or AFK resource gathering machines are subject to staff ‘interference’ when found.
    • We aim to have players play our server, not farm it.

Roleplay Conduct

  • Be fair to your fellow roleplayers
    • Godmodding and similar practices are not allowed.
  • No ERP
    • Keep any sexual roleplay to private messaging services, we won’t be liable for it on our server, discord, or forums.
  • Do not metagame
    • Do not use knowledge gained from outside roleplay to give yourself an unfair advantage in roleplay.
  • Ask to join roleplays
    • Verify that it is indeed an open roleplay session before inserting your character

Discord Conduct

  • Keep memes contained to the memes channel
    • Reactions are allowed in other channels when appropriate


Infractions of the Code of Conduct are determined by both the moderators and admins of the server, with punishments being decided on a case-by-case basis by the investigating staff member. Potential punitive action for infractions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspension from all or some of our services (Minecraft, Discord, or Forums), either indefinitely or with a fixed duration.
  • A forced disconnect to serve as a warning.
  • A verbal warning from the staff.
  • A reset of game progress or being stripped of in-game items
  • Demotion of rank

The severity of punitive actions are determined by the investigating staff member, and may be subject to secondary review by an admin or the owner. Long-time members with no known history of infractions may be given the benefit of a doubt in investigations.