— Official RPC Classes List —

  • Archer
    “A hunter of beasts and men, sharp eyes and sharper instinct.”
    Lucky Perks: Acrobatics, Archer, Unarmed
    Kit: /kit archer – x1 Dyed Leather Tunic, x16 Arrow, x1 Bow
  • Farmer
    “The requirements of survival cannot be met on an empty stomach, you can build an empire, but if the people starve, then all you have created is famine.”
    Lucky Perks: Herbalism, Taming

    Kit: /kit farmer – x1 Iron Hoe, x9 Seed

  • Fisherman
    “Simple folk searching for nourishment from the open water.”
    Lucky Perks: Fishing
    Kit: /kit fisherman – x1 Fishing Pole
  • Leader
    “Hardship to men like these is simply a challenge, charisma and confidence are key traits of a good leader.”
    Lucky Perks: Acrobatics, Unarmed
    Kit: /kit leader – x32 Oak Wood Plank, x32 Cobblestone, x1 Dyed Leather Tunic, x32 Torch
  • Merchant
    “Gold, there is no substitute. Riches transcend race and language.”
    Lucky Perks: Acrobatics, Repair, and Smelting
    Kit: /kit merchant – 4x Chest, 4x Sign
  • Miner
    “Those with the keen eye, gold gleams in the dark just as the stars in the sky”
    Lucky Perks: Excavation, Mining
    Kit: /kit miner – x1 Iron Pickaxe
  • Warrior
    “Battle, bandage and plunder: these are the libretto of war.”
    Lucky Perks: Axes, Swords, Unarmed
    Kit: /kit warrior – x1 Iron Sword, x1 Dyed Leather Tunic, x8 Torch, x4 Bread
  • Woodcutter
    “What good is a spear without a shaft? A home without timber to support it? While overlooked at times, lumber is paramount in the founding of a settlement.”
    Lucky Perks: Woodcutting and Acrobatics
    Kit: /kit woodcutter – x1 Iron Axe, x16 Torch