(Please pardon the dust, we are in the process of updating our website.)

RoleplayCraft, or RPC, is an international and diverse gaming community, founded upon the idea of offering a pleasantly unique role-playing experience in multiplayer Minecraft. Over time, we have grown to develop a presence in many of today’s popular games. We strive to always create a respectful and welcoming atmosphere for all and would love for you to consider joining our close-knit community.

Originally started by Dan (TD808) in 2011 after he became upset with how the Minecraft server he played on was managed, he set out with several close friends to create his own server, RoleplayCraft. Over time, the server grew and soon became home to a large community of amazing players from all around the world. When the original server was shut down in late 2015, two of RPC’s server administrators, along with a few moderators and loyal players, started a new Minecraft server known as Legends of the Fallen, or LOTF. Since early 2018, this server has been renamed back to RoleplayCraft after the owner of the server, Taylor (FaintingHope), was able to purchase the rights to the original domain that was once used by the beloved role-play server fondly called home.

The RoleplayCraft Minecraft server is currently grey-listed and requires new players that are interested in becoming part of the community to register on our forum and create a simple application to receive additional permissions. Those who do not wish to register and apply will still able to build in-game, however, they may not have access to all of our features. Tutorials on registering and more may be found here on our website and forum. We would like to welcome you again and hope to see you online!

~Taylor (FaintingHope)
Server Owner

~Brady (AnAltoidsCan)
Server Co-Owner

~Amanda (xRaine)
Server Lead Admin